Champagne Charles Heidsieck

Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve Key Visual

Do you know Charles?

You can always recognise a glass of “Charles”, because the small exclusive boutique champagne house is known for its expressive, complex style. The high proportion of reserve wines gives the champagnes expressiveness and depth; paired with a silky texture, elegantly fine perlage and a long finish, every Charles cuvée becomes a unique taste experience.

Charles Heidsieck – gentleman and entrepreneur – was part of the Heidsieck champagne dynasty. “Charlie” was an adventurer, it is thanks to him that champagne became an international prestige drink beyond the borders of France. 150 years ago, he sailed to North America and was the first house to sell his champagne in the New World. A glass of “Charles” was synonymous with a glass of champagne.

The Essence of Style

In keeping with the spirit of founder Charles Heidsieck, the winemaking team around Chef de Caves, Cyril Brun, continues to improve the quality of its champagnes year after year. They have reduced the already highly selected cru sites from 120 to 60 and increased the age of the réserv wines from eight to an average of ten years. Even for the non-vintage champagnes, the maturation period in the in-house Gallo-Roman chalk cellars “Crayères” is at least three years. The proportion of Réserveweines in the Brut Non-vintage is up to a remarkable 50 percent. These Réserveweins were and still are characteristic for the unmistakable style of the house, which finds its perfection in the extraordinary talent of the cellar masters as Maîtres Assembleurs, who have dedicated themselves to exactly this style and honour and preserve it like a treasure.