Champagne Deutz

For over 180 years, Champagne Deutz, one of the first members of the ancient and prestigious “Syndicat des Grandes Marques”, has been creating champagnes with a style that combines finesse, depth and complexity.

Deutz is the story of Pierre-Hubert Geldermannn and William Deutz – two winemakers from Aix La Chapelle. The Maison Champagne Deutz was founded in 1838 and is located in the heart of the village of Aÿ. It is the proud custodian of a remarkable viticultural heritage that has been carefully built up over generations. Champagne Deutz today owns 46 hectares of vineyards and sources its wines from over 350 hectares of the highest quality parcels, mainly located in the historic crus of Champagne, the vast majority of which are classified as “Grand Cru” or “Premier Cru”.

In the cellars of Deutz in Aÿ, 30 metres and more below ground, in the “Galeries” (or “Berceaux” as they are called at Deutz), the wines mature over a long – rather unusual – period. The cellars, dug into the chalky soils of Champagne’s prestigious Unesco World Heritage slopes, provide perfect conditions for the wines to rest in peace and develop their true potential and aromatic complexity over time.

The unique style of Champagne Deutz wines is known to Champagne lovers all over the world and is considered a distinguishing mark for “connoisseurs”. From the popular Deutz Brut Classic to the iconic Amour de Deutz, Deutz’s style is reflected in Champagnes with distinctive personalities, made with passion and in line with the constant pursuit of high quality and excellence.