Champagne Dosnon

Davy Dosnon, like so many newcomers to Champagne, is an absolute Burgundy maniac, which is why he deliberately chose the location of the winery in the Aube so that it is only 40 km away from Chablis. The terroir has more in common with Burgundy than with Champagne, which is particularly noticeable in the Recolte Blanche. Dosnon worked in Burgundy with Rossignol-Trapet, as well as in Champagne with Serge Mathieu and Moutard Père et Fils. The domain was founded in 2009.

Dosnon owns 2 hectares of its own. Land in Avirey-Lingey, an additional 5 ha. are bought from the immediate surroundings (hence the status N.M.). This brings the total annual production to 50,000 bottles. All champagnes undergo the first fermentation in small used barrique barrels and are then aged for 20-45 months, also in used barrique. The preference for ageing in small barriques also comes from Burgundy, of course.

The influence of the wood gives the champagnes a warm, harmonious, sometimes smoky character. Dosnon strives to give the champagne additional complexity through the wood, while at the same time maintaining structure, freshness and finesse. To achieve this goal, it takes an extreme amount of experience: from too intense a wood tone, to unwanted oxidation or bacteria that can hide in the used wood, the risks are many. The fact that Dosnon does not filter or clarify his wines and works with natural yeasts does not make his job any easier. Malolactic fermentation is sometimes carried out, sometimes not, depending on the character a wine develops.

In the vineyard, they work as close to nature as possible, sometimes even organically, but without being dogmatic.

The champagnes from Dosnon are real character heads and therefore fit perfectly into the Champagne Characters range. They are not restrained, floral, finely fruity champagnes, but have a strong expression, with a lot in the glass and sometimes also rough edges. Something is really happening here, which corresponds to the character “powerful & plucky”.

Facts: Avirey-Lingey, Aube, 2ha., N.M., 50,000 bottles, approx. 60% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Meunier, ageing of the complete line in wood.