Champagne Laherte Fréres

Laherte owns estates on the Côte de Blancs, in the Vallée de la Marne and south of Epernay. The two brothers Thierry and Christian Laherte farm a tiny 10 hectares from which they produce their highly regarded and sought-after champagnes.

We are talking about micro-produced champagne, excellent quality and an insane demand for perfection, which always subordinates economic management to the production of flawless end products. After all, the two are winemakers through and through at heart. This becomes clear when you take a closer look at the elaborate vineyard work. Some plots are ploughed with horses, and in 2010 they began the conversion to biodynamic cultivation, all in the spirit of sustainability and fine-tuning the last adjustment screw. Of course, the two quality fanatics cultivate parcel by parcel in order to get to know the peculiarities of the vineyards better, so that in the end they can assemble them into the ideal cuvée.