Champagne Leclerc Briant

„We listen to our wines and respect them.” – Frédéric Zeimett

For a long time, Leclerc was established as a vintner’s champagne house. In 1950, Bertrand Leclerc and his wife Jacqueline Briant ran the Domaine Leclerc Briant in the fourth generation. Together, the couple expanded the business into a négociant, a trading house. At the same time, they moved into the stylish buildings in the heart of Épernay. The property where the cellar is located is still the headquarters of the house today. It offers space for 800,000 bottles, which can rest deep underground in the more than 1 km long corridors. The high storage capacity is important for a correspondingly long ageing of the yeast on the bottle. Today, Frédéric Zeimett runs the winery. The vineyards, mainly in cru sites, are farmed biodynamically themselves. In addition, selected grapes are bought from selected winegrowers who work according to the same organic or biodynamic methods in order to be able to offer the complete range of classic champagne styles. Leclerc Briant produces particularly complex, sophisticated and extremely elegant champagnes of inspiring freshness. Among them are real specialities such as the rare ABYSS, which is distributed in very small editions and spent its yeast ageing period at a depth of around 60 metres in the Atlantic. It reminds us that there was once an ocean where such high-quality champagnes grow today.