Champagne Marie-Courtin

Dominique Moreau began her first steps in viticulture in 2001 when she leased a small vineyard, which she was later able to take over. In 2005, she founded her domain in Polisot on the Côte des Bar under the name of her grandmother Marie Courtin, a person she describes as particularly close to the earth. From 1 ha at the beginning, she expanded her vineyards to 2.5 ha. The largest part is planted with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay makes up only a small part of 16 ares of the total area (2.5 ha), a few Pinot Blanc vines are also cultivated, but so far they are only used in the cuvées of her husband. He is the owner of the domain Piollot Père et Fils, whose vineyards border on Marie Courtins.

From the very beginning, Dominique Moreau dedicated herself to the goal of developing everything according to the model “Single Vineyard” – “Single Grape” – “Single Vintage”, without interfering with the natural mechanisms of nature. From the beginning, it has strived to apply the mechanisms of biodaynamic viticulture, and since 2007 it has been certified and part of Nicolas Joly’s famous “Renaissance des Appellations” winegrowers’ association with very strict access criteria. Although it mostly produces single vintage champagnes, these are not designated as vintage champagnes, because occasionally it can happen that it combines two vintages. The champagnes are usually produced without dosage.

Marie Courtin’s champagnes are on the one hand highly complex and subtle (Eloquence, Efflorescence, Presence), more and more often she produces extremely independent, unsulphured characters (Concordance, Indulgence, Allégeance).

Facts: Polisot, Côte des Bar, R.M., 2.5 ha, 15,000 bottles.