Champagne Palmer & Co

Champagne Palmer is above all a story of people who live out their passion for the vine, the terroir and for wine, all in the spirit of excellence. A meaningful story with an international outlook and a precisely orchestrated know-how transmitted since 1947.

Palmer & Co embodies an all-natural elegance without exaggeration or ostentation, designed to last and generate emotion; the search for harmony and balance initiated by the seven founding winemakers and now a reference, ready for the challenges of tomorrow. The elegance and balance of Champagne Palmer’s style is achieved through 40 different crus on a considerable 415 hectares of vineyards, of which over 200 hectares are in Premier and Grand Cru sites in the Montagne de Reims.

The Champagne House produces with the greatest consideration for the environment. Therefore, the house is committed to sustainable viticulture and follows a comprehensive and demanding concept: from soil and vine nutrition to soil conservation and vineyard cultivation to sensible vineyard protection and waste disposal.

Palmer & Co is also one of the very few houses to apply the famous Sherry ageing technique to Champagne wines. In the solera process, or “perpetual ageing”, a portion is taken from the reserve wines each year to be replenished with the young wines of the new harvest. For more than 35 years, three solera wines have been continuously produced in two stages: First, the new vintage matures in oak barrels, and then the reserve wines continue the continuous maturation in stainless steel tanks.

After all, quality at Champagne Palmer owes much to time; it plays a major role in the style of the house. The champagnes remain in contact with their lees for years. The slow lees ageing brings the refinement and aromatic complexity that characterises Palmer & Co wines. At least three years for the vintageless champagnes, six to eight years of patience for the millésimes, ten years and longer for the large bottles.