Champagne Pannier

Located in the heart of the Marne Valley, Maison PANNIER benefits from high-quality supplies from the best vineyards in Champagne and a careful selection of the three Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs for its finesse, Meunier from the Marne Valley for its delicate fruitiness and Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims for its structure. Champagne PANNIER benefits from a stock of grapes harvested on 70 hectares selected by our teams throughout Champagne. 1/3 of these 70 hectares come from the 700 hectares owned by the members of our cooperative. The House is developing an exceptional mastery of its house grape variety, Meunier, which gives its Champagnes a gourmet character and unparalleled fruitiness. A VDC and PDO certification process with cooperative winemakers is underway. The goal is to have 100 2023 % of the surfaces certified.

Blending is the real secret to creating a great Champagne for any house. Maison Pannier entrusts this delicate and crucial task to its talented cellar master Yann MUNIER, who has never stopped striving for excellence since his arrival. Accompanied by their team of oenologists, they have developed an elegant and homogeneous range whose style is resolutely confirmed by the dominant presence of black grapes (Pinot Noir and Meunier) with a large proportion of Chardonnay. For a constant quest for quality, the house has powerful production tools that combine tradition and technology.